IPS Supported Employment Program

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Most people understand that IPS Supported Employment supports employment for people who have a serious mental illness.  IPS stands for Individual Placement and Support.  The goal is to support people in their efforts to achieve steady, meaningful employment in mainstream competitive jobs, either part-time or full-time. Most people, however, do not understand that Supported Employment practices zero exclusion. That simply means … Read More

KRCC “Saddles Up” in order to Wrangle Mental Illness

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On September 26, 2019, Kentucky River Community Care presented its 2019 Consumer Conference at the KRCC complex. The complex has several facilities located at 3826, Highway 15 South, in Jackson, Kentucky. The annual event was orchestrated principally by the Consumer Conference Committee composed of members, Tim Deaton, Lora Noble, Autumn, Melton, Vicie Pelfrey, Kim Morris, and Brittany Barrett. The event was … Read More

A Shelter of Souls: KRCC Publishes Voices Issue 2


by Mindy Miller, KRCC Multimedia WriterA unique event that brings together staff and clients from Kentucky River Community Care with writers and artists from throughout the region, the Voices Celebratory Reading is designed to shine a light on our mental health and recovery communities. This year, the event was held at the historic Hindman Settlement School in Knott County, which … Read More

Don’t Stand By: Step Up and Step In!

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by Mindy Miller, KRCC Multimedia WriterKRCC’s The Rising Center is taking the Green Dot Program to the schools and the community to encourage others to stop violent behavior wherever it occurs.At the start of the 2018 school year, two separate incidents forced Perry County Schools into lockdown mode. Staff at The Rising Center took note of that and was reminded yet again … Read More

Buried Deep: The Story of Sharon Combs


by Mindy Miller, KRCC Multimedia WriterIn yet another KRCC Success Story, we meet Sharon Combs, who battled through 25 years of abuse to get the counseling and help she needed at our agency. Now, she has a steady job, and for the first time in a long time, feels her son is proud of her and that she’s proud of … Read More

HoriZEN: KRCC’s Shop of Dreams


by Mindy Miller, KRCC Multimedia WriterHoriZEN Events, Marketing & Imagination unveils its creative, new space – a workstation filled with artwork, inspiring words, and other visual wonders. A “dreamspace,” think tank, and workshop all in one, KRCC’s media team is now ready to take their work to new heights. Caney Digital Media, the media wing of Kentucky River Community Care … Read More

Catching Up at The Drop!


KRCC’s Transitional Youth Program Celebrates Summer AnniversaryProgram Director Angie Bush gives an update on the drop-in centers and on some exciting new developments!by Mindy Miller, KRCC Multimedia WriterSince the summer of 2016, KRCC has opened six Sapling Centers throughout the region. The program has been popular with young people, local leaders, and parents/guardians alike. Now, Program Director Angie Bush said … Read More

An Open Heart is an Open Door


Pictured above: KRCC Clinician Wilma Baker has been making waves in the recovery world, churning out two of the region’s most recent KYSTARS Peer Excellence Award winners.KRCC Clinician Wilma Baker has been changing and saving lives at Lee County Outpatient for well over a decade. Under her guidance, many women battling substance abuse have claimed lives in recovery and have … Read More

HEAL East Kentucky


HEAL – Help End Addiction for Life is a new consortium dedicated to reducing the scope of substance abuse via education, awareness, prevention, and access to services.”For the first time in a long time, there’s an energized effort that’s going to have some solutions,” said Matt Brown, the Chief of Staff to the CEO at Addiction Recovery Care (ARC), during this month’s … Read More

Adam Park: Deep Down


In the first installment of Kentucky River Community Care (KRCC) Success Stories, client Adam Park tells us the story of how he overcame a difficult childhood, homelessness, and three suicide attempts to now be living a life with a greater sense of purpose and hope with the help of therapists at KRCC.by Mindy Miller, Multimedia WriterAdam Park is a quiet, … Read More