Recovery House

Juneberry provides a structured, safe, and supportive living environment ideal for achieving long-term recovery. At Juneberry, those new to recovery have valuable support in the development and practice of recovery coping skills.

House rules are peer-led and tenants are required to attend self-help and 12 step meetings, as well as counselling. The peer-led approach is designed to support and help reintegrate you into the community, family life, and the workplace.

Everyone contributes to the daily upkeep of the home and learns skills needed to achieve long-term recovery. Everyone attends counselling as a requirement of staying at Juneberry.

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The Benefits

  • Increase Quality of Recovery
  • Develop Coping Skills
  • Become More Independent.
  • Develop Helping and Leadership Skills
  • Resolve Problems
  • Increase Confidence
  • To Apply

    To obtain an application for Juneberry, contact KRCC at
    606-436-5761, ext. 2018 or contact any of our outpatient offices.

    Stay positive and mindful. Work Hard and don't give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with positive, warm, and genuine people.

    Contact Us:


    53 Hindman Bypass Road
    Hindman KY, 41822


    808 Kentucky Avenue
    Hazard KY, 41701


    24 1st Street
    Whitesburg KY 41858


    2388 HWY 15 North
    Jackson KY 41339