Voices Literary Journal Deadline Extended


A Special Publication

Voices, the literary journal of Kentucky River Community Care (KRCC), is continuing to accept submissions of writing, artwork, and photography.

The deadline for all outside submissions (outside KRCC) has been extended to June 15. Publication is still set for late summer. 

KRCC published the first issue of its literary journal in the summer of 2017. The journal is meant to bring greater understanding about mental health and addiction issues by encouraging the community to capture their related experiences in words and images.

Last year, the journal received 75 submissions from all over the country.

"We were really surprised by that," said Mindy Miller, KRCC's Multimedia Writer, who acts as the writing editor for Voices. "For a brand-new literary journal, that was amazing, and it also told us that people have a lot to say about these topics."

"We had a lot of great pieces in that issue - poems, short stories, letters, first-person accounts, etc., and we hope this issue will be even better," Miller added.

Deadline Approaching

As the deadline nears, Miller stresses the importance of receiving submissions from KRCC staff and clients.

"One thing we've noticed is that KRCC clients very often express their feelings through writing and art," she said. "And we know that we have a lot of creative people on our staff. Sending your work to us doesn't mean it will be published, but it certainly will be strongly considered to appear in the journal."

Submissions from writers and artists from Appalachia and beyond are also greatly encouraged, because one of the journal's chief aims is to unite the mental health and addiction community with the local and wider world. 

"Having your work in Voices is an opportunity to help so many people," Miller explained. "We know that there are people in our communities who go unheard and feel alone. This journal is a way for all of us to lift up our voices as one big, powerful voice and reach those people and others."

What We're Looking For

The editors of Voices are looking for writing - poems, short fiction, creative nonfiction, flash fiction, novel excerpts, and first-person accounts - about mental illness and/or addiction. The writing can be a true account, or it can be a fictional story featuring a character dealing with mental illness, addiction, abuse, rape, or homelessness.

They are also seeking artwork and photography that also relate, in some way, to those issues, and all submitted pieces will be considered in a competition for the issues cover art. Visual Arts Editor Charles Parker Boggs will select the winning piece and all those that will be featured in the publication.

"In addition to creative work by our staff and people all across the country, we'd also like to see writing and art from KRCC clients in programs like Hickory Hill, Solutions, New Directions, Project Addvance, The Rising Center, The Sapling Center, our Health & Wellness Centers, and any other programs that have clients willing to participate," Miller said.

Submissions can be emailed to Miller; or, if the submission originates from within KRCC, it can be sent to her via the agency mail courier. KRCC staff can also send in submissions on behalf of their clients (so long as the client has given permission).

Miller said she is also willing to pick up submissions at KRCC facilities, if the submission cannot be emailed or mailed.

"We have a real opportunity here to let people know we care about their lives, how they feel, and what they've experienced," she noted. "At the same time, so many artists in Kentucky and from other places want to show their support, too, and that, to me, is truly extraordinary and very moving."

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